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Have you been stopped by police or had any interaction with police since the new public health rules were introduced in your area? Do you feel you have been treated unfairly? Do you know of an incident that concerns you?

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Policing biosecurity: police enforcement of special measures in New South Wales and Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic


The first research paper using data from the national monitoring project has now published in Current Issues in Criminal Justice and will later be incorporated into a special issue on Covid-19 and criminal justice. The authors, Louise Boon-Kuo, Alec Brodie, Jennifer Keene-McCann, Vicki Sentas, and Leanne Weber have examined policy documents, legal instruments, enforcement...

Covid Policing Bi-weekly round up #10


As you may know, the COVIDpolicing website is a collaborative project but it’s updates are largely posted by volunteers. As restrictions tightened in Victoria and concerns mounted for a ‘second wave’, like everyone we, too, have been overwhelmed with managing life in the pandemic. However, the need has not gone unnoticed—especially in a second wave and in the waves yet to come—for holding the use...

Australia: Harsh Police Response During Covid-19


Statement by Human Rights Watch – Australia Police Public Order Response Teams respond to a small group of protesters who appeared at a shopping center and quickly dispersed before any arrests could be made during pop-up protests on September 20, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia.  © 2020 Speed Media/Icon Sportswire via AP Images. (Sydney) – Victoria’s police have used harsh measures during the...

COVIDPOLICING BI-Weekly Roundup #9


Welcome to this fortnight’s roundup.  First, in regards to the Victorian Government’s actions in North Melbourne and Flemington, COVIDpolicing strongly condemns the discriminatory imprisonment of working and poor people, and of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities of colour. See our joint statement of concern and solidarity. In the past two weeks, we have had...



Welcome to our second bi-weekly roundup and the eighth since our project began taking reports.  To begin: COVIDPolicing’s open letter is now open requesting all Federal, State, and Territories to release data on COVID stops and infringements and was cited by SBS. The article finds that Victoria Police has almost five times the number of COVID fines than NSW Police. Debate has continued on...



Welcome to our first bi-weekly round up. As the rate of incoming reports continues to decrease on the website we will be moving our roundups of reports to fortnightly. The alleged murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers on 25 May, has led to massive protests throughout the world and provoked a wide-spread and unprecedented debate about the role of policing and police practices...

CovidPolicing Weekly Roundup #6


Since the lunching of the site, we continue to see reports of police issuing COVID-19 fines to members of the public as unwarranted and unnecessary add-ons to other fines or offences. Or to legitimise a stop-and-question they have conducted but found no obvious breach of the restrictions or other law.

CovidPolicing Weekly Roundup #5


As so many have stated before and during this current state of emergency, we cannot police our way out of this pandemic, and trying to doing so risks exacerbating inequities and further damaging already fragile human rights protections.

CovidPolicing Weekly Roundup #4


Until police across the continent release data of the number of stops and fines being issued, the reasons for these stops and fines, and the post-code locations they are happening in – sites like this are the only way to build an independent picture of how COVID-19 restrictions are being policed, whether they are being enforced fairly, and to identify any trends in policing.

This collaborative project aims to document incidents, reports, and examples from members of the public concerning COVID-19 policing, for use in monitoring and reporting, as well as legal advocacy and accountability. It is run by a group of legal and human rights advocacy organisations, backed up by a network of policing academics with a coordinator in each state.
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