WA: Homeless Aboriginal people in Perth given move on notices by WA police


By Rangi Hirini, NITV News 11 Apr 2020

Over the past week I have been seeing a number of posts popping up on social media by prominent Noongar activist, Herbert Bropho.

Uncle Herb has been going down to visit a group of rough sleepers, located just blocks away from Perth’s main train station since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in Australia.

“I’ve been going to the city since Australia got this message of this disease that has been spreading around the world,” Uncle Herb said.

“What I’m getting is the feeling of rejection that no one cares but everybody is afraid of this ghost that is called COVID-19,”

On Thursday, Uncle Herb invited me to meet the mob he had been regularly checking in on.

When we arrived on Thursday morning, I was introduced to the group who were sitting down against the wall.  Everyone had travelled down from all different parts of the state including, the Kimberley, East Pilbara and Goldfields; these were all country mob.

There were roughly 10 people sitting in the area. Uncle Herb showed me the two camps, one where there was food and a tent, and a second camp with blankets, clothing and rubbish.

“They reckon the Western Australian police came in here and chucked everything around, so where is the safe place for these mob?” he said.


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