Putting human rights at the heart of Australia’s response to COVID-19


Human Rights Law Centre, 3 April, 2020

There is no doubt that this is a time for drastic action.

In this moment of crisis, from our desks at home, the Human Rights Law Centre is working across the country to make sure our governments are responding appropriately, fairly and in a way that does not undermine our human rights and democracy for years to come.

We’re also working hard to make sure communities that could be hit hardest – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people behind bars, people with disabilities, people seeking asylum and refugees and women – are not unfairly burdened with this crisis.

Our democratic freedoms team has been working with decision makers, civil society groups and experts to ensure our democracy stays on track in these changing times. The significance and unprecedented pace of government decision making in the face of COVID-19 makes democratic oversight all the more important. We have therefore called on the Government to resume Parliament, in a way that is safe, and called on the Senate to establish a Select Committee to review the Government’s response to COVID-19.

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Have you been stopped by police or had any interaction with police regarding COVID?

This collaborative project aims to document incidents, reports, and examples from members of the public concerning COVID-19 policing, for use in monitoring and reporting, as well as legal advocacy and accountability. It is run by a group of legal and human rights advocacy organisations, backed up by a network of policing academics with a coordinator in each state.
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