NSW Police: Breakdown of latest Public Health Act charges and Penalty Infringement Notices (PINs)


Published at NSW Police: Wednesday, 08 April 2020 03:41:31 PM

These breakdowns are released daily by NSW Police – for more see here.

Police have charged one person with offences under the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) and issued 15 COVID-19 related Penalty Infringement Notices (PINs) since the last update.


  • About 8.40pm yesterday (Tuesday 7 April 2020), police from Tuggerah Lakes Police District were patrolling Yarramalong Rd, Wyong Creek, when they stopped the driver of a Hyundai for a random breath test, which returned a positive reading. The 27-year-old man was arrested and taken to Wyong Police Station, where a breath analysis returned a reading of 0.200. When asked about his reason for being out, it’s alleged the man was uncooperative and could not provide a reasonable excuse. While in custody, it’s further alleged the man urinated throughout the cell. He was charged with drive with high range PCA, destroy/damage property, and not comply with notice direction. The man is due to appear in Wyong Local Court on 29 April 2020.

PINs include:

  • About 12pm yesterday (Tuesday 7 April 2020) officers attached to Mt Druitt Police Area Command were conducting a proactive patrol at a shopping mall in Mt Druitt when they located a man sitting at a picnic table. Police spoke with the 20-year-old man and established he had been warned on three separate occasions the day before (Monday 6 April 2020) after being sighted at the same location. He was issued with a $1000 PIN.
  • During the same proactive patrol, at 12.20pm, officers spoke with a 37-year-old man in the vicinity of the shopping mall. He advised police he had left his home as he had to get out and see his friends. Officers issued him with a warning. About two hours later, at 2.30pm, the same male was seen sleeping on a bench nearby. He was issued with a $1000 PIN.
  • About 2.15pm yesterday, officers from Lake Macquarie Police District attended a home at Edgeworth after receiving information a number of people were at the location in breach of a ministerial direction. On arrival, police spoke with two female residents of the property and two male visitors. Further inquiries established there had been previous calls to police for social gatherings at the location. The 25-year-old and 21-year-old men were each issued with a $1000 PIN.
  • About 11.45am yesterday, officers from Inner West Police Area Command were conducting a proactive patrol when they observed two males sitting on a ledge. The men were not able to give a reasonable excuse for being there, and further inquiries established they had been given formal warnings for breaching a ministerial direction the previous evening. They were issued a move on direction and given a second warning. About 2.45pm, police were made aware of a group of four males congregating at a park nearby. Officers established two of the men (a 43-year-old man and a 58-year-old man) had been involved in the earlier interaction and they were issued with $1000 PINs. The remaining two men were given a warning and move on direction.
  • About 8am yesterday, officers from Chifley Police District were patrolling the Bathurst township when they sighted a man walking along the footpath. Police spoke with the 41-year-old man, who gave several different reasons for being out of his home. He was issued with a $1000 PIN.
  • About 8.45pm yesterday, officers from Newcastle City Police District stopped a vehicle on Russel Road, New Lambton, as part of inquiries of into an unrelated incident. Police spoke with the female driver and 27-year-old male passenger. Subsequent checks revealed the man had previous been given two warnings under the Public Health Act in the previous two days. He was issued a $1000 PIN after being unable to provide a reasonable excuse for being out, while the woman was given a warning, and both were directed to return home.
  • Just after 6.30pm yesterday, officers from Traffic and Highway Patrol Command stopped a vehicle on Campbell Parade, Bondi, and spoke with the 30-year-old male driver, who advised he was going to visit a friend. Checks revealed the man’s vehicle was unregistered and didn’t have his licence on him. The Tamarama man was issued with Traffic Infringement Notices totalling $2172 for driving unregistered and uninsured and not carrying a licence, as well as a $1000 PIN under the Public Health Act.
  • Police have issued three PINs after responding to a noise complaint in Forster last night. About 7.30pm, officers attached to Manning Great Lakes Police District attended a unit on South Street. As officers approached the door, the occupants were allegedly heard referring to “police” and the need for “social distancing.” Officers entered the unit and spoke with four people, one of whom resided at the address. The others, a 20-year-old woman and two men aged 29 and 25 were unable to provide a valid reason for not being home and were issued with $1000 fines.
  • Three juveniles have been issued PINs after ignoring warnings to return to their homes. About 10.15pm on Monday (6 April 2020), officers attached to Wollongong Police District attended a unit on Carrington Street, Woonona, and spoke with four young people. One of them lived at the address, but the remaining three did not and had received warnings earlier that day regarding their failure to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. The three boys, aged 15, 16 and 17, have been issued with PINs for failing to be home without a reasonable excuse.

Since 17 March 2020, police have issued 11 Court Attendance Notices, and 136 PINs for breaches of the Public Health Act.

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